Monday, June 3, 2013

        In The Giver, my class was left with many things to think about. For example, we do not know if Jonas really died or not. This topic was a very controversial one, especially when we had the debate. However, I really believe that Jonas did not die at the end of this story and I have proof!
        A reason that I have to support my statement, is that Lois Lowry said that Jonas will be featured in her next book, The Messenger which will have him be 7 years older than he was in the Giver. This proves that Jonas is still alive and that when he heard music at the end, it really was music! 
        Another reason why I believe that Jonas and Gabe lived, was because in this website, someone said that there was another book coming out with Jonas and Gabe in it which also proves that my first reason was  correct. So now I have two sources that prove that Jonas and Gabe are in another book so they both survived at the end of The Giver.
        I think that now I can clearly say that Jonas and Gabe lived throughout the last part of the book and hopefully my evidence was enough to support my statement!