Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I believe that the car should be programmed to hit the SUV over the Mini Cooper. This is because the people in the SUV will have a better chance for survival, than the people in the Mini Cooper, being that it is a lot smaller and can not take as much of an impact, compared to the SUV.

I believe that the car should be programmed to hit the guy with no helmet on the motorcycle. This is because in some states it is illegal so definitely if it was in a state like NJ. Regardless of it being legal or not, he is not being safe at all, and the guy with the helmet is being as safe as possible. Plus, I do not believe that the helmet would save the other guy so my decision is solely based off of the guy with the helmet is smarter than the guy without one, according to safety.

I believe that the car should make decisions based on a random number generator. This is good, because it simulates the everyday decisions that people make. Plus, it would not be fair for a car to automatically be programmed to hit you. I know I would sue someone if they were targeting my car over someone else's. 

I do believe that the driver should be responsible if the car is making the decision. This is because it was the driver's choice to use the automated option. Plus, they could have maybe even been aware and grabbed the steering wheel before the accident.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Passion Project progress/update #3

I am definitely going to get everything done by the time we will be presenting. I feel that my information will be done by next Friday, and my video will be done by next Friday as well. I may finish all of my work early, which would give me extra time to edit my sides and make them awesome. I really like working on this project, however, I am worried about people getting bored while I am presenting, so that is why I want to make a video of me shooting with different hockey sticks. So far, my project is really coming along and I am very happy with my progress, to date.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Passion Project #2 Update...

Honestly, I had not got as much done on the last two Passion Project days. I have been so caught up in all of the tests that we are having, that working on the Passion Project slipped my mind. I will definitely get a lot done this Friday to make up for the two days that I had failed in getting information. I am thinking of an obstacle that may occur that could really make me struggle with this project. I feel that I may want to do too much with it. For example, I feel that I need to do every single hockey stick in the market. I am thinking of limiting it to just the top of the line sticks (best ones). However, I feel that this project is still going to be a lot of fun while completing. I have to still look up info. on the various sticks for this project.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Passion Project Self-Evaluation
So far, my Passion Project has been going so well! I love my idea this time and really feel like I am going to learn so much about what I am passionate about. I have already outlined my project, like where I will write a certain amount of information. I can not wait to finish this project and present what I have learned to the class at the end of the semester. So far, I have found pictures of the different brands of hockey sticks, that I will soon give summaries about. For the next two or three Fridays, I will most likely be researching the different types of hockey stick. If I finish hockey early, then I will move on to lacrosse sticks, and then the history of how the hockey/lacrosse sticks came to be today.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

For Chris and I's Passion Project, we had decided to continue to create games. However, this one would be more complex, and look more like a game that could potentially get published into the App Store/Google Play Store. With Stencyl, it had just finished downloading about a week ago, so we have a lot of work to do to catch up on our assignments for the project. We will also most likely be creating a Power Point demonstrating our journey throughout our second passion project of the year. I can not wait until our game is complete! We have started to put levels on the game, and it is way harder than it sounds. With hard work and perseverance, our ROGATE 8 Passion Project hopefully will be a success!
- Alex ROGATE 8

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Progress in 20% Project.

Chris and I are definitely not finished our project yet. We constantly went from website to website, trying to make games for our project. Sploder became extremely boring, and all of the other coding websites, weren't really what we were looking for. We have had many fails, and so far, one success in learning from YouTube videos. We will most likely make a power point of our fails and success. Plus, we will show the class how to code, as well as, have our  code that we have been working on for about three days now. We still need to finish the code and make the power point but I feel like we are doing good so far, as far as getting it done on time. Hopefully, our project is filled with more than one success!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ROGATE post on grades

Lately in our ROGATE class, we have been discussing the topic of grades. The purpose of grades is to see how well you are doing in school. It is also designed to let you know what are your worst subjects and your best subjects. Grades are also used to help decipher how smart you really are, coming from some teachers.

My opinion of the current grading system is that it is very easy to keep track of your grades and see how well I am doing in class. However, whenever I get a bad grade, I always try to bring up the grade, when I should be trying to learn what I missed during the lessons. I wish that the grading system told you more about what you missed on the tests or during the class, rather than just giving you a letter or number grade which tells you zilch.

I do not think that this grading system accurately represents your understanding of the lessons in this class. This is because a teacher could give someone extra credit when other students may not have the ability to do the extra credit, resulting in an unfair grade (this has happened to me once but I forget about what) . Also, if a project is late, every day, a teacher could take off a certain amount of points and their grade would not show them that they fully understand the topic, when they could have gotten a 100%, although it was late. This also results in an unfair grade.

I believe that we should use a combination of both of the grading systems because people still need grades to see their improvement, but their should be separate grades for preparedness and extra credit or responsibility. This is because they do not let you truly know if you understand the topic or not.