Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I believe that the car should be programmed to hit the SUV over the Mini Cooper. This is because the people in the SUV will have a better chance for survival, than the people in the Mini Cooper, being that it is a lot smaller and can not take as much of an impact, compared to the SUV.

I believe that the car should be programmed to hit the guy with no helmet on the motorcycle. This is because in some states it is illegal so definitely if it was in a state like NJ. Regardless of it being legal or not, he is not being safe at all, and the guy with the helmet is being as safe as possible. Plus, I do not believe that the helmet would save the other guy so my decision is solely based off of the guy with the helmet is smarter than the guy without one, according to safety.

I believe that the car should make decisions based on a random number generator. This is good, because it simulates the everyday decisions that people make. Plus, it would not be fair for a car to automatically be programmed to hit you. I know I would sue someone if they were targeting my car over someone else's. 

I do believe that the driver should be responsible if the car is making the decision. This is because it was the driver's choice to use the automated option. Plus, they could have maybe even been aware and grabbed the steering wheel before the accident.

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