Thursday, November 14, 2013

Progress in 20% Project.

Chris and I are definitely not finished our project yet. We constantly went from website to website, trying to make games for our project. Sploder became extremely boring, and all of the other coding websites, weren't really what we were looking for. We have had many fails, and so far, one success in learning from YouTube videos. We will most likely make a power point of our fails and success. Plus, we will show the class how to code, as well as, have our  code that we have been working on for about three days now. We still need to finish the code and make the power point but I feel like we are doing good so far, as far as getting it done on time. Hopefully, our project is filled with more than one success!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

ROGATE post on grades

Lately in our ROGATE class, we have been discussing the topic of grades. The purpose of grades is to see how well you are doing in school. It is also designed to let you know what are your worst subjects and your best subjects. Grades are also used to help decipher how smart you really are, coming from some teachers.

My opinion of the current grading system is that it is very easy to keep track of your grades and see how well I am doing in class. However, whenever I get a bad grade, I always try to bring up the grade, when I should be trying to learn what I missed during the lessons. I wish that the grading system told you more about what you missed on the tests or during the class, rather than just giving you a letter or number grade which tells you zilch.

I do not think that this grading system accurately represents your understanding of the lessons in this class. This is because a teacher could give someone extra credit when other students may not have the ability to do the extra credit, resulting in an unfair grade (this has happened to me once but I forget about what) . Also, if a project is late, every day, a teacher could take off a certain amount of points and their grade would not show them that they fully understand the topic, when they could have gotten a 100%, although it was late. This also results in an unfair grade.

I believe that we should use a combination of both of the grading systems because people still need grades to see their improvement, but their should be separate grades for preparedness and extra credit or responsibility. This is because they do not let you truly know if you understand the topic or not.

Monday, October 21, 2013

First Post of 2013-2014

My first few weeks of school this year have been okay. My grades are very good and I am getting to my classes mostly on time. However, I do not like the new schedule which consists of us getting up earlier, and getting out of school later. Plus, the schedule is pretty confusing and each period is pretty much 2 periods, not including lunch. My goal by the end of this year is to acquire straight A's throughout this entire school year; however, if it was straight A+'s, then I will be super happy! Other than grades, my teachers are very nice and teach me everything that I need to know in order to succeed and do well on tests! I am loving this year so far and I believe that a lot of my friends feel the same way about their school years.

Monday, June 3, 2013

        In The Giver, my class was left with many things to think about. For example, we do not know if Jonas really died or not. This topic was a very controversial one, especially when we had the debate. However, I really believe that Jonas did not die at the end of this story and I have proof!
        A reason that I have to support my statement, is that Lois Lowry said that Jonas will be featured in her next book, The Messenger which will have him be 7 years older than he was in the Giver. This proves that Jonas is still alive and that when he heard music at the end, it really was music! 
        Another reason why I believe that Jonas and Gabe lived, was because in this website, someone said that there was another book coming out with Jonas and Gabe in it which also proves that my first reason was  correct. So now I have two sources that prove that Jonas and Gabe are in another book so they both survived at the end of The Giver.
        I think that now I can clearly say that Jonas and Gabe lived throughout the last part of the book and hopefully my evidence was enough to support my statement!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Alex Mayernik
Period 8
Passion Project Plan

My plan for this project, is to create an iPhone app about the different trophies that are awarded in the National Hockey League (NHL). I want to learn about the history of the awards and how a player can earn them. I simply chose this topic because my sister is making an app and I love hockey!

I will need a computer for this project.

Some problems that I may have with this prroject, is not being able to physically make the app, I may have to redo everything if I made a mistake, and the app store may not accept it.

People who could help me, are my dad and my sister.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Alex Mayernik
Rogate 7
Period 8

Reflect/Influenced Teens on Culture
        Most teenagers are extremely influenced by media on how to live. For the most part, this is not a good thing! For example, teenagers start to drink under-age because of commercials. In this "essay", I will be explaining to you the effects that media (drinking commercials) have on teenagers.
        Media is a very bad way to inspire teenagers because they are highly influenced by them.
A study done at the University of North Carolina said that with underage drinking, "negative consequences could be (get into trouble with the police, get a hangover, harm health, out of control, do something regret later, feel sick, and get into fistfights)". This basically means that many bad things could happen to the teenagers that are convinced in drinking under-age. The commercials are the start of it. When kids see these commercials, day after day, they seem to think of how "cool" it would be to drink.
        Teenagers are usually in a stage of stressing with school, well atleast I know I am! Well, when teens find that the people drinking on T.V. are having a lot of fun while drinking, they feel that, that would dissolve their stress. In addition, they try having a couple of alchoholic beverages would help them have more fun. However, they soon get addiced to it and then problems start to occur. Due to their bodies not being fully "grown" yet, their bodies cannot handle large amounts of alchohol. All of this starts from the media.

        Media really does reflect/influence teen culture and alchoholic commercials are not good ways to do so. Most teens just can't help it; however, they need to start controling themselves. Billions and billions of pieces of media are collected in the brains of teenagers and that is why they are affected so much from it.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Alex Mayernik
Rogate 7
Period 8


        In 2012, I learned many things, whether it be about myself, the world, or about life. For exmaple, I learned that I worry about way to many things. These include grades, hockey, and getting things done on time. Plus, I learned how to stop stressing with certain things that I do. I learned that in the world, there are many bad people! There have been murdering after murdering in the world and this must stop in order for me to feel extra safe while living. I also learned that life is extremely unpredictable and that you should be prepared for things that you are certain won't happen.


  •  I want to be more consistant with my workouts.
  • I want to stop fighting with my sisters.