Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Alex Mayernik
Rogate 7
Period 8

Reflect/Influenced Teens on Culture
        Most teenagers are extremely influenced by media on how to live. For the most part, this is not a good thing! For example, teenagers start to drink under-age because of commercials. In this "essay", I will be explaining to you the effects that media (drinking commercials) have on teenagers.
        Media is a very bad way to inspire teenagers because they are highly influenced by them.
A study done at the University of North Carolina said that with underage drinking, "negative consequences could be (get into trouble with the police, get a hangover, harm health, out of control, do something regret later, feel sick, and get into fistfights)". This basically means that many bad things could happen to the teenagers that are convinced in drinking under-age. The commercials are the start of it. When kids see these commercials, day after day, they seem to think of how "cool" it would be to drink.
        Teenagers are usually in a stage of stressing with school, well atleast I know I am! Well, when teens find that the people drinking on T.V. are having a lot of fun while drinking, they feel that, that would dissolve their stress. In addition, they try having a couple of alchoholic beverages would help them have more fun. However, they soon get addiced to it and then problems start to occur. Due to their bodies not being fully "grown" yet, their bodies cannot handle large amounts of alchohol. All of this starts from the media.

        Media really does reflect/influence teen culture and alchoholic commercials are not good ways to do so. Most teens just can't help it; however, they need to start controling themselves. Billions and billions of pieces of media are collected in the brains of teenagers and that is why they are affected so much from it.

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