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Alex Mayernik                                                                                                                                  9/25/12               

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Gardner and Gregorc Learning Styles


                During the Gardner test, I learned many things about my style of learning. I learned that I am a logical-mathematical learner, which means that I think by reasoning and I love to ask questions! Totally me! Also, this category tells me that I also love to try new things which is great because in science class, I always get excited when I find out that we are doing a new science experiment! Thinking is what I need to do, as well as, exploring a different subject. I actually think that this category really fits me.

                Another learning style that I found out I had, was musical. This means that I sometimes hum to myself and I love to sing, whistle, and make different beats with my hands and feet. What I need for this category, is playing instruments at home, which I already do! I love music and that is probably why I was put in this category.

                I am also an intrapersonal learner. This is because I think deep down inside of me, and get the answer I was looking for. What do intrapersonal learners love to do? Well, it’s simple! We love to dream, set and reach goals, and meditate to feel relaxed. Things that we need, is secret alone places where we can think and relax,a s well as, completing a task at your own pace. Being intrapersonal is great for me due to the fact that I love to relax.


                During this test, I learned that I am a concrete sequential learner. This means that I like checklists, following orders, and I always like to be exact. Also, being very detailed or thorough is another reason why I fit in this category. Computers are very interesting to me, as well as, summaries, labs, charts, and organization. I really do think that this is the right category for me and these reasons are why I think so.

                All four of these learning styles will most likely benefit me in school, because I can really focus on these categories and know what I have to do to fully understand a topic. For example, when I am studying or doing homework, being a concrete sequential learner will help me because I will stay organized with these things and not miss a homework or forget to study for a test. This is why knowing what my learning style is, will help me in the future, in school.

               Someone who I really, truly admire, is Patrik Elias. He is an NHL hockey player that performs for the New Jersey Devils! In my opinion, I think that his learning style, would be bodily-kinesthetic because, obviously, he's an NHL hockey player! He is always moving on the ice and never stops working hard. Due to the fact that he is very physical and hardworking on the ice, I can definitely say that he would most likely be a bodily-kinesthetic learner (my opinion).

              Another person that I totally admire, is my dad. He is the best dad ever! I really think that he would also be a bodily-kinesthetic learner. I can say this, because when we watch my sisters play softball, and they make a really good play, he always grabs my hockey stick that I was playing with, and just hold it! This is why I think that he would also be a bodily-kinesthetic learner.

             Besides Patrik Elias and my amazing dad, I also admire David Cook. This is because he is such a great performing artist. In my opinion, I think that he would be a musical learner because he is a singer and musical learners tend to like singing and playing instruments, like he does. This is why I think that David Cook would be a musical learner.

          I also admire my mom because she is the best mom ever! She would probably be a linguistic learner because she loves to read and discuss books with me! We talk about what is happening and our different opinions about it! This is why I think that my mom would be a linguistic learner.


  1. I enjoyed reading your post. Im a musical learner also.

  2. Im the same type of learner. I like learning in puzzles and experimants.

  3. Great post, Alex. Very thorough explanations.